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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

If you want to know more about how we conduct business, read the testimonials of our customers

Dedicated Garage Door Repair Specialists

The best opener maintenance service

It was the first time that the technicians of this garage door service provider were in my garage for services. They had come for garage door opener maintenance. I had worked with other contractors in the past and I could compare services since I observed them working. I can assure anyone interested to work with this company that their service was just perfect. These guys checked every single part of the opener. They gave special attention to the chain and the sensors and even checked whether the battery is charged. I loved their service and I also loved that they were punctual.

Garage doors ready to roll

I have a roll up garage door, which I love since it came along with my parents’ house that I recently inherited. Though, it was in bad shape. I guess it was time for its replacement and I was sad to see it go. I have no choice and called this company for garage door replacement. The tech heard my story, inspected the system and told me the great news! He could repair it and make only a few changes to ensure my safety. Indeed, his service was awesome. The door rolls perfectly! This meant a lot to me!

Helped me with spring measurement

The technicians of Garage Door Repair Galveston had come for routine check and service and they advised me to replace the springs. They said that they were getting old and had almost exhausted their lifespan so it would be better to change them before they'd snap. I agreed and they told me that they would take the measurements and I could call them whenever I was ready for the extension garage door springs replacement. Very professional of them! Indeed, I told them to get the new springs and come back as soon as possible. They replaced the springs the following day!

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